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Wild Wild West

Deadwood and Rapid City

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Our next stop took us to the historic town of Deadwood, SD. If you have not seen the series of 'Deadwood' on DVD you should as it depicts the mining town from it's origins in the 1870's when gold was discovered there. The town sits in a gulch in the Black Hills with many of the original buildings, it is however a casino town so pretty commercialized.
The town of Deadwood.
After checking out a few of the saloons, we endeavored to walk up to the old cemetery that overlooks the city. It was a 1/2 mile or so hill climb up to see the grave stones of the ill fated Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane.
Mt. Moriah Cemetery
Wild Bill's grave; he was killed playing poker, shot from behind.
On the way back down the hill..

We made our way the next day to Rapid City where we turned in our California drivers licenses for our South Dakota DLs. We visited the Museum of Geology and checked out the downtown area.
Rapid City is called 'The City of Presidents' for its series of life-sized bronze statues along the street corners and walkways.
Graffiti tagged alleyway, downtown Rapid City.
We stayed 3 days at Hart Ranch Resort, a huge RV park, then it was on to Custer State Park.

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Devil's Tower Wyoming

Missed our turn to Custer, SD....

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Well as anyone who has ever traveled on the road will tell you, sometimes you miss a turn and a new adventure begins.... We were headed to Custer, SD from Casper, WY...
Devil_s_Tower_WY_012.jpg Platte River in Casper
...and then we weren't. No problem, we just decided to do this part of the trip backwards and begin with Devil's Tower since we were headed that direction. I'm so glad we did as we spent 2 glorious days in the park where originally we would have just done a day trip in the truck.
Devil_s_Tower_WY_017.jpg Devil_s_Tower_WY_023.jpg
Seeing the Tower in the distance for the first time was awesome; we both always wanted to see it since the"Close Encounters" movie featured it back in the 70's and it didn't disappoint!
1Devil_s_Tower_WY_036.jpg Our campsite w/Devil's Tower behind tree.
Brad's 50lb kettlebell came in handy for the water pump. Devil_s_Tower_WY_035.jpg Devil_s_Tower_WY_037.jpg
Brad tries for a brook trout our first night out.
Devil_s_Tower_WY_038.jpg The Belle Fourche River Devil_s_Tower_WY_040.jpgDevil_s_Tower_WY_039.jpg

To begin with, the tower is not an old volcano rather it was formed 50 million years ago when molten magma was forced into the sedimentary rocks above it and cooled underground. As it cooled it contracted and fractured into columns and over millions of years erosion of the sedimentary rocks exposed Devil's Tower and the Little Missouri Buttes. Fantastic as it seems, the top of the Tower is where the ground used to be! Devil's Tower rises 867 feet from its base and stands 1,267 feet above the Belle Fourche River (5112 feet above sea level. The area of its teardrop shaped top is 1.5 acres, its base 1000 feet.
Of course, we had to hike it and the next day we did.
Devil_s_Tower_WY_042.jpgStarting out on our hike.
Prarie Dog Village we crossed.
Our ascent on the Red Beds trail, about 3 miles around the tower.
The next part of our hike was around the Tower Trail, 1 mile around the base.

Boulder field around base where columns have fallen.Devil_s_Tower_WY_064.jpgDevil_s_Tower_WY_067.jpgDevil_s_Tower_WY_069.jpgDevil_s_Tower_WY_070.jpgDevil_s_Tower_WY_071.jpg
Climbers on columns were all around the tower.
Area where recent columns have fallen off tower.
Little Missouri Buttes, formed the same way as Devil's Tower.

The Belle Fourche River carved out the features surrounding Devil's Tower.
Our rig in the distance along the river.
Brad tries again for that elusive book trout.
FYI, these are the 3 types of rocks found in the area of Devil's Tower (we gathered while hiking).
The largest and youngest is actually a piece of the tower. The other 2 are from the existing landscape millions of years older.

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Wide open spaces

Traveling through Wyoming

Today we are headed to Custer, South Dakota where we will be spending some quality time getting to know our new home state. We had a wonderful time in S. Jordan, Utah at the home of Brad's Uncle Skip & Irene Polidori where we visited for 3 days. During our stay Uncle Skip & Irene hosted a party and all our relatives & friends in the Salt Lake area came together and enjoyed great food and fellowship.

The Wasatch Mtns. on the way into the Salt Lake area.
salt_lake_..ing_010.jpg We had nice temps. (not too hot) and a little breeze for our stay.

1salt_lake_..ing_017.jpg First yummy dinner in S. Jordan, Brad & cousin Tony Polidori. 1salt_lake_..ing_016.jpg Kurt Young and Uncle Skip & Irene.
1salt_lake_..ing_019.jpg Brad's mom Marie Aspenwall & me. Boy was she surprised when she saw my tattoo work!
1salt_lake_..ing_015.jpg Cousins Lisa Young & Tony with Brad. Look at that serious spread of food!
The big Labor Day reunion!
1salt_lake_..ing_023.jpg From left to right, sisters Julia & Aarika Young and cousin Candace Sampson.
1salt_lake_..ing_021.jpg L to R, Linda Sampson, Rose Fuoco & Marie, Irene.
1salt_lake_..ing_020.jpg Brad & Uncle Skip with golf course in background.
1salt_lake_..ing_024.jpg Cousin Gia Martinez with her grandson Eric.
1salt_lake_..ing_025.jpg Linda Sampson & cousin Alexa Young.
We were impressed with all the young ladies and we wish them and our family good health and best wishes!

After 3 days of festivities we were ready to hit the road and so we did. Our next destination was to Green River, Wyoming where we spent a fun day getting to know the locals...
salt_lake_..ing_027.jpg On the way out of Salt Lake in the canyons.
Wyoming approaching Green River. 1salt_lake_..ing_029.jpg
We road our bikes to town and skipped around to a few establishments..salt_lake_..ing_041.jpg
salt_lake_..ing_049.jpg Next on the stop...
salt_lake_..ing_053.jpg The old brewery building had a refurbished bar.
salt_lake_..ing_055.jpg Looking down from the trestle bridge into the train yard.
salt_lake_..ing_057.jpg Union Pacific had the flags at half staff in honor of Neil Armstrong.
1salt_lake_..ing_065.jpg The town of Green River, had a great time!

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Brad & Sharon hit the road!

So long California, hello South Dakota!

Sept. 1, 2012

This is the 3rd day out on the road & the 1st entry of the Robinson travel journal. We have been living in our 38' Carriage CarriLite 5th wheel for a year and a half waiting for Brad to retire from the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller and August 28, 2012 was his last day marking 25 years of a totally satisfying career.

Our decision to live in the 5th wheel before embarking on our journey turned out to be the best - next to deciding to roam - as it allowed us to work out all the "bugs" and warranty issues with the rig (and there were plenty!). Last summer (2011) we spent many a weekend in the shop for one thing or another and we're sooo glad we weren't traveling around across country. Now that we have things figured out and working properly (she's a tempermental beast) we find it is a very pleasant & easy way of life. I should mention being in the rig also allowed us to share close quarters and see how we got along together. I'm pleased to report we are still married and happily so.

So as we set out on our nationwide tour of discovery and exploration we invite you to come along and share in our experiences of travel through this wonderous country, the USA.


Our space at Twilight Mobile Home Park 'the twilight zone' as we waited for Brad to retire. We enjoyed our stay and made lasting freinds with our neighbors Jim & Janet Wood. Jim was very knowledgable about fulltiming as he traveled for 15 years on the road, he was always ready to help when we had questions. Janet was so sweet baking us goodies and bringing me fresh cut flowers from her garden. We will miss them.

Our first day began with a short 2 1/2 hour drive up to Reno, Nevada through the Sierra Nevada mountains. We have traveled hwy 80 numerous times and have had many good times up in the mountain towns.
Stayed at the Silver Sage Rv park right across the street from the Peppermill Casino where we plugged in quarters and drank for free.

After staying in Battle Mountain, Nevada (where we had wonderful drenching rain) we traveled north to Twin Falls, Idaho where we caught a glimpse of the Snake River Gorge. Literally a peek as we crossed, I am just way too slow with my camera...Anyway, some interesting rock formations on our way.

Today 9/2 we are off to see family in Salt Lake City, many of whom we have not seen in years.

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